A few selected articles and books by Hamid Peseschkian

Total list of publications you can find here.


  • Positive Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychology: The first book to bring together the innovations gained from positive psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry. Erick Messias, Hamid Peseschkian und Consuelo Cagande, Springer Verlag, January 2020.

  • Faszination Tiefenpsychologie: 22 personal life and career ways to deep psychology. Deutscher Psychologen Verlag, August 2019

  • Die russische Seele im Spiegel der Psychotherapie. (The Russian soul in the mirror of Psychotherapy.) A contribution to the development of a Transcultural Psychotherapy. VWB Verlin., 2002 (German)
  • Psychovampires: A Positive Approach to Energy Suckers. (acc. to C. Voigt). AuthorHouseUk, 2015
  • Positive Psychotherapie. (Positive Psychotherapy.) In the series "Ways of Psychotherapy". Reinhardt Verlag, Munich, 2013 (acc. To A. Remmers) (German)

Journal article:

  • Positive Psychosomatik. (Positive Psychosomatics.) Application of Positive Psychotherapy in Psychosomatic Medicine. Published in the journal Erfahrungsheilkunde. EHK 2015; 64: 314-322 (pdf) (German)

Book Chapters:

  • Salutogenetische Psychosomatik und Psychotherapie. (Salutogenic Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy.) A resource-oriented approach and positive attitude to people in a result-oriented era. In: D. Grönemeyer, T. Kobusch, H. Schott (ed.): Health in the mirror of disciplines, ages, cultures. Volume 1 of the series Ars medicinae. Niemeyer, Tübingen, 2008 (German)
  • Warum Psychotherapie transkulturell sein muss – das Ende der Ära monokultureller Psychotherapien. (Why Psychotherapy must be transcultural - the end of the era of monocultural Psychotherapies.) In: Heise, T., Özkan, I., Golsabahi, S. (ed.): Integration, Identity, Health. 5th Congress of the Confederation of Transcultural Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in German-speaking countries. Berlin, VWB Verlag, 2012 (the Transcultural Psycho Forum, Volume 19) (German)
  • Bahá'í - A Psychological Perspective. In: D.A. Leeming (ed.), Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion, Springer Science + Business Media, New York, 2014
  • Herausforderungen der psychotherapeutischen Ausbildung und Ausbildungsselbsterfahrung unter Berücksichtigung des transkulturellen Kontextes. (Challenges of psychotherapeutic training and self-awareness in education, taking into account the trans-cultural context.) In: Thomas Heise, Solmaz Golsabahi-Broclawski, Marina Chernivsky, Tülay Atac & Ibrahim Özkan (ed.): The concept of identity in flux. For variety and diversity in hospitals, medical practices and society. Contributions to the 7th and 8th Congress of the Confederation of Transcultural Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in German-speaking countries. Berlin, VWB Verlag, 2015 (The Transcultural Psycho Forum, Volume 21) (German)
  • Psychotherapeutische Hochschulen. (Psychotherapeutic universities) Are today's educational establishments also schools for  healthcare professions of the new type? In: S. Sulz (ed.): From the Science of Psychotherapy to its Art. CIP Munich, 2015 (pp 304-319) (German)